4.1.14 Releases

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I hope everyone who is reading this is having a wonderful Friday. Here at SCD it is Pizza Day, so we are off to a good start.

This past release date we featured releases from many many artists. The long anticipate Salad Days by Mac DeMarco, the Eluvium + Explosions in the Sky collaborative effort Inventions, S. Carey‘s Range of Light, Evian Christ‘s hard hitting Waterfall, The return of The Body with the Haxan Cloak produced I Shall Die Here and many more were all released this past Tuesday. If you are looking for some great artists and music to check out, you are at the right place. Check out some of the featured media and reviews below of the April 1st, 2014 titles that we released.

View and purchase all April 1st, 2014 titles HERE

Mac DeMarco Salad Days Pitchfork Best New Music Review

Inventions Inventions Spin Interview

The Body I Shall Die Here Pitchfork Review

S. Carey Range of Light CMJ Review

HTRK Psychic 9-5 Club Electronic Beats Review

Evian Christ Waterfall Dummy’s Album of the Week Review


March, 18th 2014 Releases

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Hello SC DISTRO Fans,

We had a HUGE release this past week, including new albums from Tycho, Perfect Pussy, The War On Drugs, The Coathangers, Hauschka, Christopher Tignor, Sisyphus and a rad new Undwound re-issue. Check out Videos, Reviews and Sounds below from these great artists.

The Warn On Drugs Lost In The Dream Pitchfork Best New Music Review

Perfect Pussy Say Yes To Love Pitchfork Best New Music Review

Unwound Rat Conspiracy Pitchfork Best New Reissue Review


March 4th, 2014

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We had a huge The Men record, Tomorrow’s Hits come out on this release date amongst many other great albums. Check below for reviews, videos and sounds from this release date.

Carla Bozulich Boy Tiny Mix Tapes Review

Various Artists Warfaring Strangers: Darkscorch Canticles Pitchfork Review


2.18.14 New Releases

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HEY HEY again SCD Lovers,

Some quality titles were released on this date. Have you seen or heard any of the newest releases from SCD? We shared the critically acclaimed new Angel Olsen album, Burn Your Fire For No Witness, a Com Truise EP Wave 1, new Dawn Landes songs and much more. Take a moment and dig into some highlights of what we served up on February 18th. Check out ALL of our titles from this release date HERE.

Pitchfork Best New Music: Angel Olsen ‘Burn Your Fire For No Witness’


2.4.14 New Releases

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SCD lovers,

Today we bring you fresh music. FRESHEST. Picked from the golden apple tree fresh. We have NEW releases from Marissa Nadler, Gardens & Villa, Mark Mcguire, Juan Wauters, The Tower of Light, and a 7″ by Prolife (Born From the Ashes of Slug Guts). There are Videos and Sounds from all of these artists below. Take some time and fill your head.

If you like what you hear, walk to your your nearest record store or purchase HERE.

Take Care.


1.21.2014 New Releases

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SC Distribution is back from the dead of 2013 and into the flesh of 2014. We start off our year with the HUGE January 21st Release date featuring some amazing sounds to brush off that winter dust. If you haven’t been pre-ordering and checking our site on the regular you most likely have missed some of the amazing vinyl that has been pressed for this first month of the year. Check out these videos reviews and songs featured from this release date.

Thee Silver Mt Zion Memorial Orchestra ‘Fuck Off Get Free We Pour Light On Everything’ Review

Jeremy Jay ‘Abandoned Apartments’ Review

Holly Herndon ‘Chours’ Track Review

Various Artists ‘Killed By Deathrock Vol.1′ Review

VEX ‘Sanctuary: The Complete Discography’ Review


2013 WRAP UP

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Hello all you SC Distro LOVIN’ fools.

As the year comes to an end, and the constant bombardment of ‘BEST OF’ echoes throughout our news feeds, it appears it is time to take a look back and HIGHLIGHT some of the amazing music we had the opportunity to distribute in 2013.

We came into 2013 with a stellar label line-up: Acéphale / Asthmatic Kitty / Awesome Tapes From Africa / Captured Tracks / Cloud Recordings / Constellation / Dead Oceans / Family Vineyard / Flying Nun / Glacial Pace Recordings / Hometapes / Jagjaguwar / K Records / Lovepump United / Merge Records / No Quarter/  PPM / RVNG Intl. / Sacred Bones Records / Secretly Canadian / The Social Registry / Sounds Familyre / Suicide Squeeze / Temporary Residence Ltd. / Tomlab / Tri Angle Records / We Are Free / Western Vinyl

We also had the pleasure of adding quite a few to the mix: 2062 / Arbutus Records / Felte / Ghostly International / Joyful Noise Recordings / Numero Group / Underwater Peoples


In addition to growing our extraordinary label family, we added an entire new warehouse to fit them all in!
(Pictured Above)

It’s definitely been a big year here at SCD. That is FUR SURE.

So many of our Artists and Labels have made it onto Best of 2013 lists that I wanted to take a moment and HIGHLIGHT THEM:

BEST OF 2013: LABELS (According to: XLR8R)

Ghostly International

RVNG Intl.
BEST OF 2013: ALBUMS (According to Various Publications)

Endless BoogieLong Island

Four TetBeautiful Rewind

Maxmillion DunbarHouse Of Woo


EluviumNightmare Ending

Forest SwordsEngravings

Volcano ChoirRepave


Mikal CroninII

FoxygenWe Are The 21st Century Ambassadors Of Peace & Magic

Colin StetsonNew History Warfare VOL. 3: To See More Light

The Haxan CloakExcavation

Super ChunkI Hate Music

Matana RobertsCoin Coin Chapter Two: Mississippi Moonchile

William TylerImpossible Truth

Saada BonaireS/T

IasosCelestial Soul Portrait

William BasinskiThe Disintegration Loops

Purple SnowForecasting The Minneapolis Sound
BEST OF 2013: ALBUM ART (According to Pitchfork)


Forest SwordsEngravings


BEST OF 2013: SONGS (According to Pitchfork)

This is but a brief look into the vast amount of great releases we distributed this year. Check out these labels and artists over holiday and when we come back in 2014 we will have some very exciting new releases coming your way.

Take Care!


12.3.2013 RELEASES

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We had some amazing releases this month. If you haven’t checked them out yet… where have you been? Here is a quick recap of what went through our doors.

Ghost WaveAges

For AgainstFor Against 3xLP Set: Echelons, December, In the Marshes

The ServantsSmall Time + Hey Hey We’re the Manqués

DestroyerFive Spanish Songs

Calvin HarrisLove’s Recipe b/w Wives Get Lonely Too

Master Plan Inc.Try It (You’ll Like It) b/w Master Plan Intro

Unnatural Funk BandStrange Happenings b/w Living In The Past

Bump & The Soul StompersI Can Remember b/w Standing On The Outside

The VerlainesHallelujah All The Way Home

The VerlainesJuvenilia

TychoPast Is Prologue

Pattern Is MovementSuckling / Untitled (How Does It Feel?)

Wolf PeopleWhen The Fire Is Dead In The Grate

HellaSanta’s Little Hella

Jorma WhittakerJorma

Tim KinsellaTim Kinsella Sings The Songs of Marvin Tate By Leroy Bach Featuring Angel Olsen

Mind & Matter1514 Oliver Avenue (Basement)

Various ArtistsPurple Snow: Forecasting The Minneapolis Sound

Natural Child / Guantanamo BaywatchSurf ‘N’ Turf

Eating OutBurn


Listen to featured songs from this release date: HERE


11.12.2013 RELEASES

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In case you missed out on our releases for November, 12 2014, Here is a Quick Re-cap!

Penny PennyShaka Bundu

Philip PerkinsDrive Time

Saada BonaireS/T

Soviet SovietFate




David Van Tieghem x TenFits & Starts



Leverage ModelsS/T

Cian Nugent & The Cosmos – Born With The Caul

The HuntThe Hunt Begins

David LynchBad The John Boy

Songs: OhiaMagnolia Electric Co. (Deluxe Reissue)

YeasayerGood Evening Washington D.C., Live at 9:30 Club

William BasinskiThe Disintegration Loops (5xCD + DVD)

The BooksFreedom From Expression (DVD)

MajeureRomance Language

Nat BaldwinDome Branches: The MVP Demos

Listen to featured songs from this release date: HERE


10.29.13 New Releases

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HAPPY HALLOWEEN! We’ve got some frighteningly great new records this time around! Check out the debut full-length from Indiana’s sister duo, Lily & Madeleine, the latest from the one-of-a-kind YAMANTAKA SONIC TITAN, the new album from Foxygen drummer, Shaun Fleming’s Diane Coffee, and the deluxe version of one of this year’s best, Phosphorescent‘s Muchacho. Read all about these and a bunch more below. Available now in an indie shop near you.


Title: Lily & Madeleine
Release date: 10/29/13
Format: CD/LP
Catalog number: AKR118cd/lp
Label: Asthmatic Kitty

LISTEN: “Devil We Know”
WATCH: Lily & Madeleine’s performance on CBS This Morning, Oct. 5

Understandably, when their debut EP, The Weight of the Globe, came out earlier this year, much was made of the fact that Lily and Madeleine Jurkiewicz are teenagers: Madeleine is eighteen and her sister is sixteen. Surely, that’s important given the impressive talent on display. On that release as well as on Lily & Madeleine, their debut album, these two young women sing with a spare elegance that’s all the more breathtaking for seeming to come to them so naturally. Both Lily and Madeleine can sing powerfully, but you will find no show-off pyrotechnics here. They are not afraid of fragility or vulnerability.

The songs on Lily & Madeleine trigger profound emotional effects. The shimmering recollections of that summer, that girl, that kiss, the scent of that evening air, the heat of those afternoons, all float in and out of consciousness as these songs play, transporting you to the world inside you that knows everywhere you have been, but that does not know time, or its passage, or its end.

The Weight of the Globe CDEP/10″ (Asthmatic Kitty, AKR116cd/lp)


Title: Lanterns
Release date: 10/29/13
Format: CD/LP
Catalog number: JNR126cd/lp
Label: Joyful Noise Recordings

LISTEN: “Lost It To Trying (Pitchfork Best New Track)”

Meditative but heaving with energy, Son Lux’s third full-length weaves disparate elements into songs both strange and welcoming. On the heels of being named NPR’s “Best New Artist of the Year”, Son Lux has created an album that sits as comfortably next to the compositions of Stravinsky, John Adams, David Lang and Ben Frost, as it does to those of Jamie Lidell, Björk, Flying Lotus, and Radiohead. Guests on Lanterns include Chris Thile of Punch Brothers.


Title: UZU
Release date: 10/29/13
Catalog number: SSQ124cd/lp
Label: Suicide Squeeze Records


It is safe to say there is no other band like YAMANTAKA // SONIC TITAN on the planet. In a world that is increasingly homogenized, a record like UZU is all the more important for demonstrating how disparate cultural perspectives can merge into something entirely new while retaining their individual sovereign character. This meeting of East and West is perhaps most visible in UZU’s lead single “One”. As the first YAMANTAKA // SONIC TITAN song to extend the songwriting credits beyond the core duo, “One” incorporates the indigenous upbringings of the extended group by leading off with a traditional Iroquois song. The introductory chant is a social song calling all people together, and is performed by people of the Mohawk tribe. From there, the band kicks into a driving guitar line and a vocal hook as sweet as any J-pop hit. Metal riffing, free-jazz cacophony, and meditative Eastern percussion patterns accentuate the song. The hybridization is evident throughout UZU–you can hear it in the operatic piano-and-vocal opener  “Atalanta” segueing into the dynamic prog of “Whalesong”, the Eastern melodies seamlessly melding into the synth arpeggio and guitar dirge of “Windflower”, the musical storytelling tradition of “Seasickness Pt. 1” juxtaposing with the Heart-like classic rock gallop of “Seasickness Pt. 2”, and the closing choir passage of “Saturn’s Return” descending into Merzbow-esque white noise.

YT//ST CD/LP (Suicide Squeeze Records, SSQ118cd/lp)


Title: Julia With Blue Jeans On
Release date: 10/29/13
Format: CD/LP
Catalog number: JAG222cd/lp
Label: Jagjaguwar

LISTEN: “Everyone Is Noah, Everyone Is The Ark”

Since January 2010, Spencer Krug has used Moonface as a venue for home-recorded instrumental and conceptual experimentation, expanding the ideas he developed collaboratively with Wolf Parade, Sunset Rubdown, and Frog Eyes. Releases under this moniker have come quickly, each distinct from the other. The quietly stunning Julia with Blue Jeans On is the fourth Moonface release, bringing a degree of intimacy and self-reflection unlike anything Krug has produced to date. There are only two sonic elements on Julia: Spencer Krug’s voice and his piano. Richly recorded, they interact seamlessly with one another. On the opening track “Barbarian,” the piano unfolds with the hypnotic energy of Keith Jarrett’s Koln Concert, Krug’s right hand doubling his vocal melody. On the closing track “Your Chariot Awaits,” Krug’s voice recedes after a minute as the piano swells for an extended showcase with modern classical undertones. After nearly a decade, across a number of guises, we are well-acquainted with Krug’s inimitable town-crier vocals; on Julia , we are introduced to a facet of his musical skill that feels conservatory-trained. This is Krug as singer-songwriter, moving beyond star poses to a vision that is at once more elegant and comfortable.

Dreamland EP: Marimba and Shit-drums 12” EP (Jagjaguwar, JAG146)
Organ Music Not Vibraphone Like I’d Hoped CD/LP (Jagjaguwar, JAG168cd/lp)
With Siinai: Heartbreaking Bravery CD/LP (Jagjaguwar, JAG210cd/lp)


Title: Butter Knife
Release date: 10/29/13
Catalog number: SSQ122cd/lp
Label: Suicide Squeeze Records

LISTEN: “Cold Rush”

Audacity’s latest full-length Butter Knife is still, at its core, a garage rock record. The economic instrumentation, grit-tinged guitar jangle, pogo-prompting tempos, and sing-along choruses can all be traced back to the seminal Nuggets collections. But ultimately, Butter Knife doesn’t sound so much like an homage to The Sonics as it sounds like a young band striving to make the most ebullient and jubilant noise possible. Album opener “Couldn’t Hold A Candle” is a perfect introduction to Audacity’s battle plan—a balanced blend of pop sensibility and ribald power. “Hole In The Sky” showcases the band’s gift for the on-the-dime changes, sophisticated melodies, and clever instrumental interplay. “Red Wine” demonstrates a Robert Pollard-like knack for turning an unexpected chord combination into a remarkably punchy chorus. And album closer “Autumn” harkens back to the balladry of power pop kings Big Star. All of which is to say, Audacity are tighter and more clever than your average suburban band, and consequently they’re one of the strongest acts in the Southern Californian garage rock scene.


Title: My Friend Fish
Release date: 10/29/13
Format: CD/LP
Catalog number: WV111cd/lp
Label: Western Vinyl

LISTEN: “Tale of a Dead Dog”

Joseph Campbell describes a shaman as “person, male or female, who…has an overwhelming psychological experience that turns him totally inward.  It’s a kind of schizophrenic crack-up. The whole unconscious opens up, and the shaman falls into it.”  We’ll never know the whole truth about what happened when (Foxyen drummer and former Disney child actor) Shaun Fleming moved from the West Coast suburbs to New York, but whatever it was fractured his psyche, opened it up, and gave birth to Diane Coffee.


Title: Syndrome Syndrome
Release date: 10/29/13
Format: CD/2xLP
Catalog number: RVNGNL023cd/lp

LISTEN: “Syndrome Syndrome”
Syndrome Syndrome, the debut album from Gardland, fuses human flaw and scattershot intuition with volatile machinery and chance-based composition. The double LP explores the rugged tropes of wasted “outsider” techno while exhibiting a stark emotive core, eliciting timbral intensity and questing pathos in equal measure. Imposing and muscular yet marked by frenetic finesse, Syndrome Syndrome is born from a dyslexic dialogue between man and machine.


Title: Lava Diviner (True Story)
Release date: 10/29/13
Format: CD/LP
Catalog number: WV110cd/lp
Label: Western Vinyl

LISTEN: “Simple Creatures”

When our human experiences defy articulation, music and film can sometimes be the only languages we have to communicate with. In 1975, Peter Weir directed Picnic at Hanging Rock, a haunting film in which a group of schoolgirls disappear while exploring a volcanic rock in the Australian outback.  Through the film, Weir explores landscapes of intense memory, and the mysterious forces that bend, mold, and erode the core of our psyches. Similarly, Lava Diviner (Truestory), the debut full-length from Texas native, Spencer Stephenson, gives voice to those ancient transformative forces within ourselves, amplified to the point of distortion by the dry Texas heat.

Though texturally inspired by early new age records like Iasos’ Inter-Dimensional Music, and sample-based collage ventures like Colleen’s Everyone Alive Wants Answers, Lava Diviner (Truestory) is reinforced with a robust percussive backbone.  Still, Stephenson never resorts to shallow MPC trickery or contrived mixtape clumsiness.  Instead, his proto-new age textures float elegantly atop a primal boom-bap pulse to paint a detailed, rhythmic mural that has the scope of a ‘70s prog rock epic. “On Lava Diviner, I wanted  to conjure that same headspace that artists like Roger Dean, and even Zdzislaw Beksinski project in their iconic paintings,” says Stephenson. “I tried to evoke those grand, colorful, surreal landscapes that are mind-bending yet oddly comforting – sci-fi and epic and holy, all at the same time.”

Feeling Today CD/LP (Western Vinyl, WV81cd/lp)


Title: Nearest Suns
Release date: 10/29/13
Format: LP
Catalog number: HT060lp
Label: Hometapes

You can’t get away from the sun. Brad Laner returns with his third solo album, created in the winds swirling around the reuniting of his cult noise-pop band and American shoegaze pioneers, Medicine.  Like Neighbor Singing and Natural Selections before it, Nearest Suns was composed, played, and recorded entirely in Laner’s Granada Hills, California home by Laner himself.  It’s an old new universe in twelve songs, shattering what it means to be called a singer-songwriter, messing around with the noticion of getting older, and soundtracking the infinite distortion and infinite harmony of falling in and out of love.

Neighbor Singing CD (Hometapes, HT020cd)
Natural Selections CD/LP (Hometapes, HT031cd/lp)
Brad Laner / Joensuu 1685 ‘Split 12′” 12″ (Hometapes, HTD003)


Title: Pheel Phree
Release date: 10/29/13
Format: LP
Catalog number: JNR119lp
Label: Joyful Noise Recordings

LISTEN: “If I Want To Go”

Formerly the man behind Jookabox, DMA (aka David Moose Adamson) began his career as a one-man-band in the grand old tradition of the ‘one-man-band’ (re: man with a bass-drum on his back and a monkey clapping symbols, collecting change from the crowd etc.). With Pheel Phree, to some extent, Adamson has returned to his roots. Except this time, the result sounds more like a creepy basement dance party.
DMA’s debut full-length provides a uniquely beat-driven, meditative clamor. At times danceable and at times ethereal, the self-produced LP is intriguingly difficult to pinpoint. James-Ferraro-sensibilities are coupled with the artistically free-approach of Captain-Beefheart, resulting in 33 minutes of a rather otherworldly tunes. Pheel Phree effectively introduces the world to the weirdness that is David Moose Adamson.


Title: SMM: Opiate
Release date: 10/29/13
Format: CD/LP
Catalog number:  GI187cd/lp
Label: Ghostly International

LISTEN: Pjusk – “Dorsk”

SMM: Opiate is the second release in Ghostly’s SMM series, which is an ongoing exploration of the evocative possibilities of sound, with a focus on classical minimalism, electronic and drone composition, film soundtracks, and fragile imaginary landscapes. Opiate is the follow-up to 2011′s SMM: Context, and as with that record, it’s a carefully chosen selection of music, compiled over some two years from around the world.  As a whole, the experience is certainly evocative of the opiated sensation evoked by the record’s title — but really, it’s a compilation that invites you to find your own meaning in it, or simply to appreciate the beauty of its music and escape the world for a while.

SMM: Opiate features original tracks from Simon Scott, A Winged Victory for the Sullen, Celer, Black Swan, Jim Haynes, EN, Pjusk, Fieldhead, and Noveller.

Various Artists – SMM: Context CD (Ghostly International, GI133cd)


Title: Muchacho De Lujo (Deluxe Edition)
Release date: 10/29/13
Format: 2xCD
Catalog number: DOC087cd
Label: Dead Oceans

LISTEN: “Terror In The Canyons (The Wounded Master) (Live at St. Pancras Church)”

Muchacho de Lujo is the deluxe edition of one of 2013′s most renowned albums, Muchacho, which garnered the coveted Best New Music (Pitchfork) tag as well as the adoration of The New York Times and Time Magazine. The bonus material is from an intimate pre-release live show, recorded at St. Pancras Church in London. The set, performed as a two-piece of guitar and piano, features standout tracks from across the Phosphorescent catalog including “Song For Zula,” “Mrs. Juliette Low,” “Wolves,” and a cover of Waylon Jennings’ “Storms Never Last.”

Pride CD/LP (Dead Oceans, DOC005cd/lp)
To Willie CD/LP (Dead Oceans, DOC013cd/lp)
Here’s To Taking It Easy CD/LP (Dead Oceans, DOC025cd/lp)
Muchacho CD/LP (Dead Oceans, DOC050cd/lp)


Title: The Swamps
Release date: 10/29/13
Format: CDEP/12”
Catalog number:  CT189cd/lp
Label: Captured Tracks

LISTEN: “Calico”

The Swamps arrives as a bridge between the duo’s sophomore album, Almanac, and an as yet untitled third studio record. Here the band’s characteristic sonic landscapes, haunting harmonies, and layers of delicate guitar-work usher in a new chapter in their dark and dreamy catalog.  Inspired by the light-choked wetlands of its title, The Swamps brims with songs about fears of stagnation and the pitfalls of nostalgia, but never relinquishes Widowspeak’s melodic optimism.

Widowspeak CD/LP (Captured Tracks, CT118cd/lp)
Almanac (Captured Tracks, CT170cd/lp)


Title: Blue Record
Release date: 10/29/13
Format: 12” EP ***OPAQUE BLUE VINYL***
Catalog number: JAG246lp
Label: Jagjaguwar

LISTEN: “Swing Lo Magellan”

“I only started playing the acoustic guitar last year. I’d always preferred the idea that the guitar converts a sound into voltage and then becomes really loud. I thought the acoustic guitar was a little bit too twee for me or something. But after being offered some opportunities to play various acoustic sessions to promote the new record, in situations where it wasn’t possible to record the whole band, I decided to treat it like a challenge to try and play acoustic and not have it be lame. After all I was really into Arthur Lee’s ability with an acoustic and started wondering if I could make it sound convincing. Anyway, after being somewhat forced to develop some skill on the acoustic through these various radio sessions and things like that I decided to record some songs acoustically and release them since people seemed to be liking the way I was doing it. Everything was recorded straight to tape in my basement with a one mic set up.” — RUBAN NIELSON, UMO

II (Jagjaguwar, JAG232cd/lp)